Our Vision:
The Human Resource Development Centre will help higher education institutions (Colleges and Universities) to train their teachers in such a way that they individually and/or collectively define or redefine excellence in undergraduate and post-graduate education and will assist with the application of these definitions to practice and/or policy. These actions will reinvent the colleges, universities, and the broader system of Higher Education which they are a part. The training of the teachers and more particularly, motivating them to become effective teachers, will transform the institutions, the people they serve, the places in which they live and work, and the broader societies and economies of which they are a part. The HRDC envisages that its programmes will create a situation where the teachers will be intellectually enlightened, morally upright, emotionally balanced, socially committed, patriotic, eco-friendly and accomplished, and sensitive to the demands and the needs of the students in their journey towards information, knowledge and wisdom.

Our Mission:
The Human Resource Development Centre, as a non-profit organization under the University Grants Commission serving the public good, plays a unique leadership role in higher education by giving training to teachers of Colleges and Universities and thus supporting the Higher Education Institutions as they pursue the attainment of excellence in undergraduate and post-graduate education. By focusing its expertise on the professional development of teachers through interactions with experts, peers and also through self-learning with measurable outcome, the HRDC’s mission is to foster institutional change by learning to enjoy teaching, by being ready for knowledge-transmission in a modern world, and by enhancing accountability, coordination, and the delivery of efforts associated with student learning, success, and retention during a lifelong teaching-learning experience. While the HRDC’s mission is to strengthen the teaching-learning process at all levels of Higher Education, particular emphasis will be on activities that make undergraduate education the strongest foundation in the life-building process.

Our Objectives:
To realize the above vision and mission, and in the true spirit of the Guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission, this HRDC will undertake a wide range of activities, which may include, but not be limited to, the following:
 I. Continue to provide training to teachers of Colleges and Universities through 3-week Orientation Programme, 2-week Refresher Course and 7-days Short Term Courses that will focus on motivation, leadership, pedagogy, subject-oriented learning, interactive and brainstorming sessions with experts and peers, and a comprehensive self-study process in order that the Foundations of Excellence can be imbibed on the minds of the trainees; 
II· Conduct Evaluations, Surveys, Educational Training, Research, and advisory services for the trainees such that they aspire to improve undergraduate and post-graduate student learning, success, retention, and degree completion;
III· Sustain previous and current partnerships, and develop new partnerships with individuals, associations, higher education institutions, foundations, policy-making bodies of higher education that share a common interest in pursuing excellence in College and University education;
IV· Provide unique meeting grounds for the teachers from far and near such that they can share their individual experiences and other professional development activities, establish networking and associational opportunities for the support, professional advancement, and communication of the learning points on a continuous basis as a matter of common interest in achieving excellence in Higher education;
V· Serve as the information bank and the transmitting centre for research and other activities in various educational institutions through electronic and other means of dissemination;
VI· Train the non-teaching staff of Colleges and Universities with the emphasis that their active participation is one of the key-factors in achieving excellence in Higher Education Institutions;
VII· Interact with select groups of students of Colleges and Universities with a view to propagate the concept of quality in Higher Education and how the students play a most important role in determining the same.
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